GME 2 Watt UHF Handheld Radio

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GME 2 Watt UHF Handheld Radio
The TX675 2 watt UHF CB radio is both compact and lightweight with up to 14 hours battery life. This convenient handheld has a flexible detatchable antenna, rotary power/volume control and a USB multi-charging system for charging on the go. Available in both single and twin packs, the twin pack contains a twin desktop charger and 12V vehicle charger.
14 hours operating time using low output power, 10 hours using high output power. Based on 5% transmitting, 5% receiving and 90% waiting mode.

- 2.0/0.5 watt RF power: Selectable transmitter power allows you to conserve battery power when transmitting in close range by using the Low Power setting.
- 14 hours operation - 1600mAh Li-Ion battery
- Unique USB multi-charge system allows for easy recharging while on the go
- Lightweight and Compact
- Removable and flexible high performance antenna
- Rotary power and volume control
- User programmable duplex function
- VOX hands free mode
- 477 MHz (UHF CB), 80 channels
- Power save feature
- Calling tone and roger beep
- Microprocessor controlled frequency synthesiser
- User programmable scan function
- Dual Watch: Monitors two channels simultaneously.
- CTCSS & DCS : A built-in Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System and a Digital Coded Squelch option provide quiet channel operation.
- High contrast backlit LCD for night viewing
- Keypad Lock: Prevents accidental button presses

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