VR BOX Smartphone VR Goggles

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VR BOX Smartphone VR Goggles
These smartphone VR goggles utilise the power of your phone’s processor, and its high definition screen, to provide you with a powerful and immersive experience. The utilisation of a smartphone keeps you untethered, we don’t recommend playing near a clifftop or in traffic. A comfy chair, keeping clear of priceless artifacts is probably the best spot.

You likely understand how a 3D movie works? By delivering different content to the left and right eyes, it effectively tricks your brain into believing a 2D screen is more than that. VR takes it one step further with full 360° vision. You can literally “look around” the scene. It’s as if you’re there, just in “observe” mode. Of course there’s games and interactivity too. The concept of smartphone utilisation is not new - the famed Google Cardboard VR viewer works on the same basic concept - this is great, as many free VR experience games and videos are compatible with the split-screen viewing method.

These goggles are far from cardboard though. Made of durable lightweight plastic with comfortable padding around the eye area, and a removable sled for your smartphone. The sled makes it very easy to remove to interact with your device, then slot back in to the goggles continue viewing. They also feature a sliding front-panel to allow your phone’s camera to be used. This is usually for augmented reality (AR) which overlay on the video being displayed. Very versatile and universal, compatible with smartphones up to 80 x 150mm. The lenses are adjustable to suit just about everyone, and they’ll comfortably fit over reading glasses too. For audio, simply use your usual headphones, providing an even more immersive experience. The large, fully adjustable elasticised straps will hold them firmly in place, and keep them comfortable to wear.

- Smartphone Mounts Inside Goggles
- Adjustable Straps
- Adjustable Lenses
- Suits Smartphones up to 80mm x 150mm
- Sliding Front Panel for Augmented Reality using Camera.
- Dimensions: 195(W) x 135(D) x 100(H)mm
- Weight: 400g
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